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The Chartered Institute of Housing is the independent voice for housing and the home of professional standards

  • Equality and Diversity understanding policy

    01/10/2009Policy and practice

    Equality and Diversity: Understanding Policy, Promoting Good Practice Key Information Issue 10 Equality and diversity are important because: being aware of and proactive about the diversity of customers will ensure that housing organisations are able

  • Housing and public policy in post devolution Scotland

    01/10/2004Policy and practice

    HOUSING AND PUBLIC POLICY IN POST-DEVOLUTION SCOTLAND 172 C h a r t e r e d I n s t i t u t e o f H o u s i n g restricted access to employment, goods and services; under-representation in senior positions in employment, in professions and in

  • Equality and diversity - Housing practice magazine Subscription

    01/04/2009Policy and practice

    Equality and diversity - Housing practice magazine Issue 2 This edition of housing practice provides an overview of seven different strands of diversity. It explores why these issues are important for housing and how discrimination can occur. It

  • Welsh Housing Review 2015 Subscription

    16/09/2015Policy and practice

    We can batten down the hatches and hope to survive the next storm of cuts and attacks. Or we can do what we usually do. Draw on our creativity and innovation and keep working on the project to change the world for better, for good. Yes, its a

  • CIH consultation response to overcrowding statutory notices

    18/06/2015Policy and practice

    These factors may be compounded by lack of knowledge regarding housing rights or routes to accessing a suitable home. Language barriers may also make it more difficult for some to understand and respond to an OSN or to seek help. Households on low

  • Focus on influencing: December 2018 Subscription

    11/12/2018Policy and practice

    | | 02476 851 789 organisations selected to present evidence to the Special Rapporteur, CIH Cymru Director Matt Dicks joined Shelter Cymru and Tai Pawb in advancing evidence relating to: the overall impact of poverty in Wales the

  • Leading diversity by 2020 - Welsh case studies factsheet

    26/07/2016Policy and practice

    Set an aspirational target for board/committee recruitment from under-represented groups to ensure that your governance structure is representative of the wider communities you work in. 6. Have in place succession and talent management strategies

  • Scottish Housing Matters - Spring Issue 2015 Subscription

    24/02/2015Policy and practice

    And with government backing and local authority support, we believe that institutions will invest long-term in a professionalised Scottish PRS. Ultimately, success will be measured by the benefits such significant new investment brings to Scotland.

  • Good Practice Compendium 2014

    21/11/2014Policy and practice

    Delacey & Sons and partners 7 Get into construction Jehu Project Services and partners 8 Community works R & M Williams and partners 8 Wear2Work Blake Morgan and partners 9Welsh Housing Awards 2014 | Good Practice Compendium 5 GoGirls Charter Housing

  • Response to joint inquiry into welfare policy in NI

    31/05/2019Policy and practice

    The impact of the two child policy means that a family with three of more children will be financially disadvantaged by 2,780 per year per child for their 30 There were 14,167 vacancies notified in the fourth quarter of the 2017/18 financial year, a