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The Chartered Institute of Housing is the independent voice for housing and the home of professional standards

  • Focus on influencing: June 2018 Subscription

    17/07/2018Policy and practice

    It was addressed by a number of politicians including the Housing Minister Dominic Raab, the shadow Housing Minister John Healey, Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham and MP Oliver Letwin. Some of the highlights included: The launch of Rethinking social

  • Focus on influencing: October 2017 Subscription

    14/11/2017Policy and practice

    Following a number of recent government announcements Melanie Rees has written a blog taking stock of the progress the government has made to date on the things we asked for in our budget submission. You can also see Melanie and Steve Hayes,

  • Focus on influencing: September 2017 Subscription

    05/10/2017Policy and practice

    Influencing on the ground Since the last edition of Focus on Influencing, weve attended a variety of meetings and events heres a sample to give you a sense of the kind of activities we engage in on your behalf: Melanie Rees, head of policy attended

  • Focus on influencing: December 2018 Subscription

    11/12/2018Policy and practice

    Focus on influencing: December 2018 The December edition provides a round-up of CIH's recent policy and influencing work, with links to blogs, media articles, and consultation responses from across the UK. What's inside Learn with us. Improve with

  • Focus on influencing: March 2018 Subscription

    06/04/2018Policy and practice

    A new era in fight against homelessness but are we ready? A blog from Faye Greaves, as the Homelessness Reduction Act implementation date approaches Faye stresses the importance of everyone being part of a culture of prevention.Learn with us. Improve

  • Focus on influencing: July 2017 Subscription

    11/08/2017Policy and practice

    Sector showcase fixed term tenancies, a look at how organisations are using the tenancies several years after their introduction What you need to know about research, help and guidelines if you are carrying out a research project Five ways to help

  • Our housing hopes for 2019


    Our housing hopes for 2019 From action on homelessness to reforming private renting, the CIH policy team set out their housing hopes for the year ahead. Further progress on reforming private renting : Over the last couple of years the government has

  • ‘Who is and isn’t getting access to social housing, and why?’


    ‘Who is and isn’t getting access to social housing, and why?’ Keeping the debate on rethinking allocations live is policy and practice officer Faye Greaves. There’s nothing like a good Twitter debate to test your typing skills. I found this

  • New project to examine how social housing is allocated


    By understanding better what is happening now, and the reasons behind that, we’re aiming to open a debate about how things could be improved – and how we can get to a place where social housing is allocated in a way that allows it to play a

  • Focus on influencing: April 2018 Subscription

    16/05/2018Policy and practice

    Grenfell and fire safety As a part of our work post Grenfell we are organising a number of half day events around the country exploring key topics surrounding fire safety, including the work streams taking place post Grenfell, the current legal and