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  • What you need to know about government's plans to improve the private rented sector Subscription

    26/04/2019Policy and practice

    Government figures show that between 2009/10 and 2015/16 there has been a 19 per cent fall in the amount of money local authorities are spending on enforcing standards in the private sector. Some of the measures that have been introduced, such as new

  • What you need to know about building a safer future Subscription

    02/01/2019Policy and practice

    However, there is still a lot of important detail to iron out, with a range of further consultations to be launched in the Spring. It is absolutely vital that we increase accountability for everyone involved in building and managing homes and make

  • What you need to know about Budget 2018 Subscription

    30/10/2018Policy and practice

    The extension of strategic partnerships between Homes England and nine housing associations is welcome confirmation that government is adopting a strategic approach to meeting national housing need. These kind of partnerships provide the longer term

  • Focus on influencing: December 2018 Subscription

    11/12/2018Policy and practice

    | | 02476 851 789 organisations selected to present evidence to the Special Rapporteur, CIH Cymru Director Matt Dicks joined Shelter Cymru and Tai Pawb in advancing evidence relating to: the overall impact of poverty in Wales the

  • CIH Briefing on Building a safer future: proposals for reform of the building safety regulatory system

    21/06/2019Policy and practice

    How do you see the interaction between the new building safety regulator and existing regulators (e.g. Regulator for Social Housing)? 33. Is there any other comment you want to make about the building safety regulator? Your overall view of the

  • A licence to rent

    24/01/2019Policy and practice

    Council Greater High Cross 2010, renewed October 2015 Estimated 150 licensable properties Byker Old Town and Allendale Road South April 2011, renewed October 2016 Approximately 500 licences issued Newham Council 2013 2017, renewed until 2022 39,321

  • UK Housing Review 2019


    UK Housing Review 2019 Mark Stephens, John Perry, Peter Williams and Gillian Young What's inside The UK Housing Review is the prime source of information and analysis for all concerned with housing policy and finance. Commentary chapters in this

  • Webinar recap: Building a safer future


    Webinar recap: Building a safer future This webinar will set out the key proposals in the recent consultation on changes to the building safety regulatory system which sets out how the government intends to take forward the recommendations set out in

  • What does it take to ‘feel at home’ rather than just being ‘housed’?


    If someone were able to lift your house from its foundations and place it in another city, would that still be home? Even if it were still your house on the inside? And, conversely, if you were thinking about moving your possessions about in your

  • All you need to know about Be Bold in Your Career


    The good news is that after the course ends you can continue to focus on your career development by exploring and using all the other resources too e.g. mentoring, supporting others with their career, looking at work/life balance, creating your