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  • What you need to know about the proposal to extend RTB Subscription

    25/09/2015Policy and practice

    What you need to know about the proposal to extend the right to buy In the run-up to the 2015 general election the Conservative Party proposed in its manifesto to extend the right to buy to housing association tenants in England. Following the

  • Keeping pace - replacing right to buy sales

    07/04/2015Policy and practice

    Insufficient receipts from sales Great extent 32% Moderate extent 17% Small extent 17% Not at all 32% Dont know 3% Insufficient headroom to supplement receipts with borrowing Great extent 33% Moderate extent 19% Small extent 13% Not at all 29% Dont

  • Where is housing heading?


    After Vidhya’s essay, we have more planned – on homeownership from Peter Williams and on how the economy affects our housing options from Alex Marsh.  By the time of the election we hope to have published about one essay per month on different

  • Right to Buy reform - England

    17/04/2013Policy and practice

    Precise details of the agreement on the use of RTB receipts will be published shortly. Background The Right to Buy (RTB) was first introduced in 1980. Since then some 2 million social homes have been sold under the RTB. There is mixed opinion on the

  • Policy and practice focus - Winter 2011 Subscription

    15/12/2011Policy and practice

    Policy and practice focus - Winter 2011 The winter edition of Policy & practice focus looks at the latest news in the housing sector and forthcoming work from CIH. The topics covered include: DWP demonstration projects Green Deal The Housing Strategy

  • Housing magazine January 2012 Subscription

    15/01/2012Policy and practice

    Housing magazine January 2012 Financing the future Housing is CIH’s bi-monthly magazine for members. It is filled with the latest policy and sector news.   In the January issue Neil Merrick investigates approaches to funding new social and

  • The reinvigorated Right to Buy


    A person has a much lower chance of getting a secure paid job if they haven’t got a secure roof over their head. Let’s not always embrace every change but have the courage to stand up and say “actually, this would work better in this way”.

  • Right to buy agreement deadline approaching


    Right to buy agreement deadline approaching In March the government announced a reinvigorated policy on right-to-buy and one-for-one replacement. Agreements have now been sent to councils, and the deadline to sign is fast approaching. Agreements have

  • Mixed reactions to Right to Buy announcement


    This poses some concerns for rural areas in particular, and we’ll be monitoring the impact of the new policy closely to ensure affordable housing continues to be available in these communities.” Another measure announced by the government is the

  • Prime Minister responding to housing challenge


    Prime Minister responding to housing challenge The Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) has welcomed the Prime Minister’s pledge to deliver an additional 200,000 affordable homes as part of a forthcoming housing strategy. CIH will work with